Tuesday, January 25, 2011


ALIN NADHIRAHIKMAL YUSOF . They're both my friends . Tahniah weh , aku doakan yg terbaik untuk korang :D yeah yeah

Back to the story . Act ada rahsia behind that tittle . Rasanya Alin je kot yg tahu . Entah la , but ta ramai yg tahu pasal nie . So aku taknak lah kecoh kecohkan . Sorang nak pergi London , sorang nak pegi US after SPM . Bila na bertemu kembali ? idk )': huuuuu , nak nangis boleh tak ? If i could i would stop him . But the fact is , i CAN'T . it's about his future and i dont wanna ruin it ): All we can do is pray , pray and pray . Surely i hope Allah will accept all my Doa . InsyaAllah . As Maher Zain said . Dont despair and never loose hope , Cause Allah is always by your side , InsyaAllah you'll find your way (': Ya Allah , please hear my voice , please hear my pray (': Amin .

Love ,

Monday, January 24, 2011


No one can be perfect . But why we cant avoid from being a backstabber . I didnt say that i will hate that person . But i need to calm . Let me handle this . I wont angry , i wont hate and i wont pray for bad . It's about how i feel . I just sad . What would you feel if the person who cant be erased from your mind about 3years++ being a "love" for your true friend . i know it's so hard to be accepted . But no matter how , i will try to handle it .

Girl , you know that i love you . You're my best best friend . Babe , we used to fight about the same guy before . But know i realized , that he's yours . Not mine . Maybe when im still with him , he do love you but because he dont wanna hurt me . he try to get an excuse . i dont know , and i dont wanna think more about it . I just want you to get the best . What can i do for you know is , pray for your happiness .

Both of you , aku doakan korang bahagia (': Aku sayang korang . Korang janganlah pretend lagi k . Korang tak perlu lah nak berahsia . Aku tauu semuanya (': Maafkan aku if korang terasa dengan post nie . But sorry , aku just nak luahkan apa aku rasa . For sure , i'll be fine . I promise i will . I would sacrifice anything for you both .

Your friend ,